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Comunication solution by internet by satelite

Data transmission


  •     Stable, fast, secure and completely independent of terrestrial connections.
  •     Facilities in all kinds of places.
  •     Continuity of business operations in the event

Video transmission


Video transmission:

Our services for transmission via streaming video are among the most cutting-edge in the market.
You can begin transmitting a live video signal and live on a 24/7 schedule and full coverage worldwide.

Solving Voice (IP)


Solving Voice (IP)
  •     With VoIP you can make calls from anywhere there is Internet connectivity.
  •     Use VoIP services to transmit long distance calls and thus reduce costs.

Backup Networks


Backup Networks
Business continuity even in the most extreme emergency conditions, using a line of satellite bandwidth specializes in event of any failure to land lines.


Where can we solve your internet conection:


Satellite Internet and Construction Works.

internet satelital construccion


Provide connection services for monitoring and enforcement of Building and Engineering Works that allow the transmission of data and images.


Satellite internet for military use.


We provide free services essential to maintain communications in remote locations or in situations where conventional communications are not operational.


Satellite Internet for Contingencies and Disasters.

Provide connection services for contingency or disaster situations where terrestrial or conventional networks lose their functionality. Thus Companies and Organisations can remain operational at all times.

Rural zones

Satellite Internet for rural areas.


We provide services for connections in rural, remote or urban areas where land connections fail or are insufficient bridging the digital divide and achieving making available to the population information technology, health and knowledge.

Mining industry

Satellite Internet for Mining


We provide services as a primary connection or Back-up for Business or mining industries, regardless of the extent of exploitation. We endow connectivity for transmitting data or images.


Satellite Internet for Medical and Health applications.


We provide services in connection capable of transmitting diagnostic, analytical and interventions in any geographic location. Achieving share experiences and online consultations between physicians.


Internet Satellite for Oil Platforms.


Proporcionar servicios de conexión para las plataformas petroleras que permiten VPN, FTP y Web para redes privadas o genéricos.


Satellite Internet for e-commerce.


We provide free services to ensure that any location functionality enables your business to own use business management or the clients themselves. Alpine skiing, cottages, any business located in a remote geographic location can have ecommerce functionality for POS.

Who we are:

Somos una empresa con 15 años en el sector de las comunicaciones, no obstante la dirección de la empresa lleva en el sector de las telecomunicaciones más de treinta años, trabajando con sistemas de satélite, posibilitando la transmisión de datos desde cualquier en cualquier lugar.

Contact Us

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